Burial Memorialization

Burial Memorialization

At Wisconsin Memorial Park, you may choose to memorialize your loved one with in-ground burial or aboveground entombment to create a lasting legacy for future generations. In-ground burial provides a wide variety of personalized choices by offering individual, companion or family locations in beautifully manicured cemeteries and gardens. Aboveground entombment offers many different options for interment such as private family estates and garden or community mausoleums.

The multitude of unique burial memorialization options allows your family to celebrate and remember past lives by creating memorials for your loved ones as personalized as you wish.

Aboveground Entombment
In-Ground Burial


Aboveground Entombment
Aboveground structures are an alternative to traditional ground burial. Multiple options and price ranges allow families many choices. Aboveground entombment also helps to eliminate expenses for some burial items such as an outer burial container.

Private Mausoleum

Private Mausoleums
Private mausoleums are lasting structures used for the entombment of family or group members. They can accommodate a variety of individual preferences including casketed burial and cremation urn interment. Private mausoleums are beautifully designed to reflect a family's unique heritage and create a permanent tribute to lives well-lived.

Family Estate

Family Tombs
Family tombs are a popular choice for private and peaceful aboveground entombment. These crypts come in a variety of designs, materials and arrangements. Single- to six-crypt (or larger) preassembled private mausoleums are available for placement on your own cemetery site.

Last Supper

Community Mausoleums
Community mausoleums offer the dignity, permanence and beauty of aboveground burial. These structures offer entombment for many, housing individual and companion crypts and often cremation niches as well.

Chapel of the Chimes

Chapel Mausoleums
Chapel mausoleums house a chapel in which indoor services can take place. A chapel mausoleum is another elegant, yet affordable, option for families considering this form of entombment.

Garden Mausoleum

Garden Mausoleums
Garden mausoleums are open-air structures that provide a lasting and beautiful remembrance option. Special landscaping features and outdoor environment make this a desirable choice for many people.



 In-Ground Burial
In-ground burial provides a wide variety of choices, and it allows for personal preference by offering individual, companion or family locations within beautifully manicured gardens and special areas. Costs are flexible and there are prefunded plans to meet most any budget. There are many personalization and memorialization selections available, allowing families to personalize loved ones' gravesites through a range of memorial options. In-ground burial often requires an outer burial container.

Private Family Estate

Private Family Estate Area
Family estate sections allow family members to be together in a shared area, often bordered by special landscaping or architectural elements. Cremated remains can also be interred here. Family estates are a wonderful way to preserve family heritage and maintain a historical resting place for future generations.

Upright Memorial

Upright Memorials
Upright memorials have long been considered a prestigious and personal form of memorialization and are a popular choice for many individuals choosing in-ground burial. These memorials come in many different materials and sizes and can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

Lawn Crypt

Lawn Crypts
Lawn crypts are preconstructed cemetery burial spaces that contain a vault that shelters a casket. Lawn crypt gardens are considered by many to be an economical and effective use of land, and with multiple installations of crypts, families have an affordable alternative for a full casket burial or cremation. Each lawn crypt is reinforced with lasting materials that provide durability and stability.

Elevated Lawn Crypt

Elevated Lawn Crypt Gardens
Elevated lawn crypt gardens are specially appointed gardens that are slightly raised from ground level. These gardens blend beauty with convenience and offer a cost-efficient alternative to traditional ground burial.




(Disclaimer: The photos on this page are examples of what you will find at most cemeteries and might not accurately reflect this property.)