Cremation Memorialization

Cremation Memorialization

Cremation is widely accepted within many religions and often chosen by the families we serve at Wisconsin Memorial Park. Cremation reduces a decedent to his or her natural elements at an extremely high temperature, quickly and without chemicals. Cremation also relieves stressful time factors, since the process allows gathering and services to be held at any time.

You may choose to place portions in miniature keepsakes or pieces of jewelry for yourself and loved ones, hold the remains in an urn, or a combination of these options. With any of these choices, it is important to establish a permanent place of remembrance so that friends, family and future generations can pay tribute to a past life. There are many options from which to choose when selecting a final resting place for your loved one—or yourself—including cremation niches, columbaria, special garden areas, personalized granite pedestals, unique benches, private family estates, ground burial or aboveground entombment.


Cremation Garden

Cremation Gardens
A cremation garden is an area designed especially to protect and memorialize cremated remains. The garden can be a simple area or a more elaborate landscape that features a variety of cremation memorial options, including many of those listed below.

Private Family Estate

Private Family Mausoleums or Niche Estate Areas
A private family area or structure is an option whether you choose cremation or burial. Family niche units allow family members to be together in a shared area, often bordered by special landscaping or architectural elements. A family mausoleum can accommodate both cremation urns and casketed entombment.


A columbarium is a specially designed structure comprising multiple cremation niches (small compartments) that hold cremated remains sheltered in an urn. A columbarium may be an entire building, part of another structure or situated in an outdoor setting such as a cremation garden area.

Glass Front Niches

Glass-Front Niches
Glass-front niches offer a unique and tasteful way to pay special tribute and preserve precious memories. The clear-glass facing allows visitors to view special keepsakes, photos and personal memorabilia in remembrance of a loved one.

Bronze Memorial

Ground Burial/Bronze Cremation Memorials
Bronze memorials are designed especially for families or individuals who choose cremation and prefer ground burial. An urn fits directly into the tamperproof bronze memorial. Companion ground-burial options are available even when one spouse chooses traditional burial and the other, cremation.

Cremation Bench

Cremation Benches & Pedestals
Cremation benches and pedestals provide a desirable alternative for sheltering cremated remains in a peaceful outdoor setting. There are many designs that represent a personal way to commemorate the life of a loved one.


(Disclaimer: The photos on this page are examples of what you will find at most cemeteries and might not accurately reflect this property.)